Summa has created itself a unique position in the market through various ways, but the common thread through that differentiation has been value-adding, thoughtful, disciplined and reliable solutions for the company’s customers.
The company’s unique market position is intertwined with the products and solutions the company offers.
Summa also places great emphasis on risk management; for the company itself, for the portfolios it manages as well as for its customers.

Investment Advisory

The term investment advice is defined as personal advice to a client in relation to financial instruments, whether at the initiative of the client or the person providing the service.

Summa provides various investment advice, including in terms of:

  • Specialized investments
  • Investments in the stock market, bond market or in other asset classes
  • Unique investment options available to clients
  • The impact of various risk factors on the feasibility of investment options


Summa’s employees have great experience in consulting, e.g. in terms of registered and unregistered assets, efficient financing setup and risk management. The employees have also carried out various projects and assessed investment options related to energy.