About Summa Rekstrarfélag hf.

Summa Asset Management is a Independent financial company regulated by the FSA.
Licensed to manage undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities, investment funds and professional investment funds – and as an investment advisor.

We specialize in asset allocation for institutional investors, and in managing mutual funds, private equity funds, and institutional funds, with an emphasis on alternative investments.

Summa is 100% managament owned.

Fund management

Long & proven track record

Experience of all aspects of fund management

*The team fund management activities trace back to 2001
*Initiation and management of various alternative investment funds
*Private Equity Funds, Hedge Funds, Funds of Funds, FX overlay etc.
*Build-up and management of an independent Pension Fund

Alternative Investments

Decades of know-how & skills

Hedge funds, private equity funds and alternative investment vehicles

Significant experience in structuring alternative investment

Tailored solutions for private & institutional clients

Emphasis on infrastructure, energy, industry and other capital intensive projects

Large projects in heavy industry and infrastructure already up and running

Advisory Services

Team of experienced advisors

Customized advice on investment opportunities

Tailored to client’s circumstances, objectives & risk appetite

Advice on opportunites in stocks,bonds and other asset classes

Allocation of assets aligned with client’s needs, goals & time horizon

Detailed mapping of and risk and reward